The next-generation coaching enhancement and player development solution


Better Player Development

  • Detect player weaknesses and strengths
  • Leverage immediate actionable insights for all players
  • Improve player awareness, motivation and communication
  • Provide objective quantified individual targets
  • The most effective and affordable alternative to GPS-based solution

technical insights

  • Number of touches
  • Leg use % (right vs. left)
  • Number of one-touch, quick-release and dribbling possession
  • Number of passes and pass completion
  • Number of regains

tactical insights

  • Team in possession analysis - possession time, number of passes per possession
  • Team out of possession analysis - regaining time
  • Passing network

physical insights

  • Distance covered
  • Sprint and high-intensity distance
  • Number of sprints
  • Top speed
  • Biomechanical load
  • Acute:chronic work ratio

Enhanced Coaching & Training Effectiveness

The PlayerMaker solution allows football academy coaches to improve their coaching and training effectiveness by enabling accurate and immediate quantification of session effectiveness:

  • Quantify player-ball interactions
  • Identify distinct session outcomes including for “hidden players”
  • Monitor player workload and participation
  • Track player progress over time
  • Develop and monitor best coaching practices

Academy Talent Management

Plug-’n-play, easy to operate and highly affordable solution, PlayerMaker provides coaches, sports scientists and analysts with highly accurate tracking data on all academy players’. Our solution enables effective trialist assessment and skills evaluation according to any academy’s gold standards.

  • Implement plug-’n-play solution quickly (no infrastructure, no installation)
  • Track all academy players’ participation
  • Assess new talent rapidly and effectively using academy gold standards
  • Harness accurate performance monitoring
  • Enjoy affordable football academy-oriented solution

Cutting-Edge Technology


At the heart of PlayerMaker’s solution is a small yet advanced motion sensor. Designed to strap comfortably on the player's footwear, the sensor can optimally sense and classify each foot and ball interaction and each footstep. Acting as an extension of the player’s foot, the ergonomically designed strap transfers all foot movement directly to the motion sensor.

Unique silicon housing is designed to keep the sensor board safe under any impact and it is highly resilient and able to withstand rough use. The sensor is small, lightweight, easy to wear, and requires very little maintenance. Located on a
ball-free shoe zone, the sensor causes no interference when a player kicks the ball or undertakes any other football activity.


The analyses and insights provided by the PlayerMaker solution are based on innovative artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. PlayerMaker software provides real-time feedback derived from the footwear motion sensors.

As there is significant similarity among different ball-player movements, it is challenging to accurately identify and distinguish various football moves. To solve this classification problem, a machine learning methodology utilises an extensive data set of relevant movement types.

The PlayerMaker sensor’s algorithm has been “trained to play football.” It recognises passes, kicks and sprints, and provides kick optimisation analysis. It can measure the number of passes, time elapsed between ball receipt and release, non-dominant/dominant leg use, individual possessions, and more. Furthermore, when synced with other players, it can provide the coach with highly accurate tactical information and players’ network analysis.

About PlayerMaker

At PlayerMaker, we are passionate about the “beautiful game” of football. That’s why we develop and deliver our next-generation player development solutions for football academies. As we know that dedicated focus is a key contributor to winning football, PlayerMaker focuses solely on coaching enhancement and player development at top-tier football academies.

Like the football players we help develop, the PlayerMaker team is agile and committed. Our driven professionals maintain a proven track record in product development and manufacturing of advanced wearable sports devices. Leveraging our game-changing solutions, single-minded focus and dynamic team, PlayerMaker is reshaping the future of football player development.

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